No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever waste – Aesop

Being kind is for everyone and seeing the impact of our act on another can lift our whole day and hopefully inspire someone to ‘pay it forward’ and do the same for another in return. A wave for kindness created from one simple act. Julia Carney’s poem ‘Little things’ written in 1845 emphasis the impact small acts have in the lines

“Little drops of water

Little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean,

And the pleasant land.”

Here are 10 small acts that do not cost much but could mean the world to someone:

  1. Smile at someone.
  2. Pay someone a compliment
  3. Hold the door for someone
  4. Check- in on a friend to see how they are doing
  5. Carry the groceries for someone if they might be struggling
  6. Leave small thank you notes appreciating the members of your family
  7. Tell someone you admire them and why you admire them
  8. Make break-fast for family
  9. Help someone with their daily tasks
  10. Feed the birds or animals outside your house

Do not forget to be kind to yourself as well. This past year has been tough on us all and many are struggling with their mental health. Take some time out for YOU. Take care of yourself and treat yourself as you would others. Self-kindness means not judging yourself harshly. It also means not holding yourself to impossibly high standards. And it means putting an end to comparing yourself to others and to beating yourself up for making a mistake, or for not being good enough at something.

Be kind – kindness really does matter. People really are struggling right now and may not always shout about it. Kindness will not make everything better, but it will make our lives easier and more rewarding.

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